Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jelly Belly!

Well, the Dorks on Tour were at it again! We went and toured the Jelly Belly Distribution Facility in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin. I wish we would be able to say all should go but we were all very disappointed. It was a long drive and out tour guide was in need of some pep. But anyways here are some pictures! The Jelly Belly Sign
The tour entrance sign
The big stuffed Jelly Belly
HUGE Jelly Bellys on the wall
Some of the other things that they make
One of the tour "Conductors" He was not ours
The Logo
Justin making fish face
The Dork kids. Also April and Karen. April was not happy to be told to get out of the way!
Superman made out of Jelly Bellys
The Kids Jelly Belly Mobile
The Statue of Liberty made of Jelly Bellys
All the Dorks by the Jelly Belly Mobile! This picture is missing Jared but does include Baby Dork (he is in Jenny's tummy)
Grandma Dork and her Dork grand-boys